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Love beer? Love meeting fabulous people who also love beer? Join the Angels for exclusive events, early access and a host of beery discounts in the GTA! Once you're in, you're in - there's no leaving the family, er, Angels! But why would you want to? Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to see all the latest promotions that your swanky new card will get you access to! 

Membership Benefits Include:

  1. Discount on Barley's Angels Swag
  2. Access to exclusive members-only events
  3. Discounts on ticketed events

Partner Discounts:

  1. Beer Bistro: Free Frites with beverage purchase
  2. Inner Goddess Tarot: 20% off a 60 minute Essential Tarot Consultation with Lori Lytle
  3. Lot 30 Brewers: 25% off first 20oz pint of beer or 16oz cider
  4. Ontario Group of Touring Companies: 20% off Ontario Craft Brewery Tours
  5. Sparkplug Coffee: 15% off your first coffee purchase!
  6. Craft Beer Passport: 20% off any passport!
  7. The Candy Bar: 15% off Candy and Chocolates!

Perks are being added all the time! 

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